10 Low Budget Romantic Things to do in Toronto

Toronto can be pricey during winter, but, still, there are so many low-budget romantic things you can do with your other half! Here is a compact guide that will help you save your money for a hot chocolate and a Canada goose jacket to stay warm and enjoy the some of the best fun things lovely Toronto has in stack for you!

1. Dinner at Pappas Grill and Stroll by the Lake

http://www.pappasgrill.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/1-Pappas-Grill-Greek-Restaurant-Toronto.jpgStart an interesting and laid back evening with dinner at Pappas Grill and then head down to the beautiful Ashbridge Bay Park. The garden-y patio-like décor at Pappas is totally luring and you can get an eclectic mix of good traditional Greek and Italian food, as well as North American fare for under $10 per person, before you take a short ride down to the Ashbridge Bay Park just before sunset, when it is absolutely amazing. See the sun go down leaving its place to the hours where lovers make dreams and hold hands, visualising a wonderful tomorrow for you and your significant other, without losing the moment. Then, you can walk by the lake at Clark Beach Park. This little gem will cast its magic spell on you, as you stroll by other couples in love!

2. Have a Cocktail at the One Eighty & Watch a Movie

Sitting on the 51st floor of the swanky Manulife Centre, in Yorkville neighbourhood, former Panorama Lounge reopening around mid-March will offer you a magnificent view of the city in a renovated spacious, marbled, comfortable and cosy interior. Have a coffee or a cocktail and enjoy romantic times with your sweetheart without costing more than $15. Don’t hear people say you pay for the view. You can skip dinner there (is a bit pricey), but you can certainly enjoy having a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. The Cineplex Odeon Varsity and VIP Cinemas is an excellent next stop, where you can have a drink from the bar or a cheesecake to go with the movie and enjoy a flick next to your honey!

3. Go for a Bike Ride & Picnic

Toronto Island is perfect for a romantic bike ride after work. Just grab your other half and get on your bikes. You can meet by the ferry docks for a sunset ride on the beautiful Toronto Island and get a refreshing escape from the busy downtown. Make sure you pack a light picnic, find a nice grassy knoll, and smooch as the sun takes a nap for the day. Sharing precious, quality moments with someone you care and love is priceless and it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune to worth it.

4. Visit the Toronto Zoo

A Toronto stunner like the Toronto Zoo is an excellent outing for families and couples alike. Enjoy a day off in the wild nature and plan a BBQ where you can have fun or relish a lovely picnic with your significant other. Bring your hiking boots along and arm yourself with your greatest mood and you will definitely have lots of long, romantic walks, plenty to talk about on the way, and a plethora of memorable experiences to share!


5. Tree Planting

In the super fast-paced lives we all live, finding some time to share with your other half and the people that mean the world to you is definitely appreciated. Who needs to spend a million to prove that he cares, anyway? Besides the annual planting events held in spring (this year’s tree planting activity will involve the L’Amoreaux North Park in Scarborough and the Humber Arboretum in Etobicoke Toronto, on April), the Urban Forestry Services plants trees all across city-owned streets and needs volunteers. Joining in will not only allow you to add your stepping stone to making this city a better place, but also engage into something productive and significant with your sweetheart. How romantic is that?

6. Stroll through Philosopher’s Walk


A relaxing evening stroll through Philosopher’s Walk is simply magical. There is nothing better after a long, tiring day, than enjoying warm, loving moments with your significant other after work with a romantic musical background from the students rehearsing at the Royal Conservatory; a cello scale is absolutely heavenly. Continue meandering all the way up to King College Circle, pick a spot on the grass (if the weather permits) and with a cup of herbal tea keeping you warm and relaxed, look up at the stars. A moment worth like a million dollars.

7. Walk to Yonge and Lawrence

The city of Toronto is full is places that can take you away from the city’s hustle and bustle in a heartbeat. So, head north to sedated Lawrence and Yonge, allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the amazing mazes of roses spreading their enchanting aromas in the air and get lost in the secret paths of the well-groomed Alexander Muir Gardens. There are so many hidden nooks that can shelter your need for romance and let you have a few moments in privacy, before you follow the trail all the way to the picturesque Sherwood Park, where you can celebrate your love without anyone watching.

8. Go Skating


With plenty of public skates and ice rinks, Toronto offers another great option to spend some romantic time with your other half without costing you much. You can go for the classics, Harbourfront and Nathan Phillips Square, or check out the public skating rinks that are near where you are (or will be with your sweetheart at a particular, convenient for both of you, time). Most rinks are usually free, but you may need to spend as much as $3 per person, depending on the ice rink you choose. This is definitely a stellar winter choice that includes lots of fun and make the perfect places to wile away a romantic couple of hours. It is also a great activity to sandwich between other pursuits downtown.

9. The Waterfront

Toronto has an incredible waterfront that is a standalone pole of attraction and option to have a romantic date. So, whether you attend the numerous food fests at Harbourfront during summer time for some tasty and affordable grub or prefer to just sit calmly on a bench and gaze at ships or walk and feel the light breeze, one thing is for sure: you got yourself an excellent change from the bustling downtown and have your moment with your honey.

10. Visit the Niagara Falls

Not far from Toronto, you can reach this gem and wonder of nature for less than $20, if you hop on Megabus. It is the best and cost-effective weekend getaway you could have with your significant other and still be in the province. You can choose to stay at one of the many cheap motels in the city, such as the Cadillac and the Advance Inn. Better stay away from the attractions though, unless you are visiting for the first time, as they can be crowded. Instead, hit up the Butterfly Conservatory and allow yourselves to fall in love with the Falls, and perhaps one another all over again!


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