Top 10 Unique Restaurant Designs in Toronto

Toronto is unquestionably one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with renowned restaurants offering stupendous views, and a plethora of cuisines most of us are unfamiliar with (but would love to taste!). With almost endless options for having a stellar meal every night of the week and competition reaching sky-high levels, architects have made their very best to provide you with a truly memorable dining experience, making sure their designs offer something way beyond great fare. Here are 10 of our favorite restaurants in Toronto with designs that are unique for their ambiance, setting, concept, or food! Enjoy:)

1. Pappas Grill (website)

1-Pappas-Grill-Greek-Restaurant-TorontoRight where the heart of Greek Town on the Danforth beats, this off-the-wall restaurant brings you back to the old days when sitting around the wood-burning fireplace and relishing a good meal with your loved ones was all that mattered. The open veranda and the lovely patio with the lush garden, as well as the friendly, cozy interior with the red brick walls and the furniture that infuse a traditional Greek tavern feel, have well earned the place the Timeless Award Design. Also worth a visit for their delicious Mediterranean cuisine and meticulously prepared and served Greek dishes, all from the freshest ingredients in the market.

2. Rainforest Cafe (website)

Rainforest-Cafe-7404Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood have really got dining to an upper level, offering that something special people were missing back then. Ever since, restauranteurs got the message that theme dining is a super attractive and appealing investment and bend over backwards to race against each other and see who the winner with the most bizarre design ever! Rainforest Cafe is one of the newest trends in theme dining that brings the fairy tale to every kid’s life (or the child inside us all!). Live parrots, moving elephants, special effects, such as lightning, thunderstorms, and actual rain, live tropical fish in gigantic tanks, snakes, apes, and many more are enough to intensify everybody’s appetite for some adventure.

3. BLD (36 Toronto St, Adelaide)

BLD_9_lgBLD (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner), is a T-shaped restaurant located at street level at the edge of the Financial District. An 1874 office building houses the restaurant that features black, white, and red décor, amazing quartz tabletops, incredible crimson-hued glass partitions, and out-of-this-world black banquettes. Impressively, the room’s ambiance changes in the evening as it embraces a more jazzy vibe, setting the perfect foundations for a great and much promising night out.

4. 360 Restaurant (website)


A restaurant offering panoramic and breath-taking views of the city could not be excluded from our list! No wonder it is a top destination for locals and visitor alike. Reminding very little of the typical get-em-in-and-get-em-out tourist pitfall, 360 will give you a full 360 degrees kaleidoscope of the city (even up to the Niagara Falls on a clear day) in something more than an hour (72 mins), from a height of 351 m. What is pleasing is that the top view you get is underpinned by a classy and aristocratic ambiance and splendid menu, making 360 restaurant a must-go-to place in Toronto.

5. Osgoode Hall Restaurant (website)

OsgoodeHall-diningIf you are looking for old world ambiance and a bit of a fancy lunch, this is where you want to be. Housed in a grand 1840s building (nestles within the Court of Appeals), Osgood Hall is not only the haunt of the legal eagles, but also one of Toronto’s historic landmarks. Therefore, dining there, right next to judges donned in their robes as they review cases, and the overall ambiance takes you far away from the hustle of Queen Street and right into the heart of the law society’s library. Expect an unforgotten dining experience as you eat lunch in a wood-paneled grandeur of the Great Hall, with massive chandeliers, walls full of books, mezzanine gallery, and gorgeous stained glass windows. A fantastic hidden gem!

6. Auberge du Pommier (website)

Aubergepommier-01_jpg_1022x496_q95_up_ctfTucked away amongst the enormous buildings and skyscrapers of the business district in North York, this tiny French restaurant is so hunted down, and for a good reason. How could it not be anyway? It seems that Oliver & Bonacini have discovered the golden recipe for making successful businesses! Auberge du Pommier is an exquisite dining facility with delectable French cuisine, constructed around two woodcutters’ cottages, in an atmospheric space that smells of woodsmoke and enchants completely. A Toronto Winterlicious you can’t afford to pass by!

7. Bar Italia (website)

bar italiaSurprisingly, although it has been more than a decade that the resto itself have fallen off the foodie map, Bar Italia is a beautiful representation of Italian cafe society with a winning bar from Toronto Life (“Best Bar Design”). It is a superb place for a cheerful lunch and group gatherings with lovely oval table sets and high bar stools that will undoubtedly please the ones watching in Little Italy!

8. Parts & Labour (website)

labourOwned by pals behind the Social and design firm Castor, Parts & Labour is an extremely offbeat restaurant that transforms landfill-bound discarded elements, such as fire extinguishers and burnt-out fluorescent tubes, into amazingly functional lighting fixtures. It is not a place for everyone though. You must appreciate the Parkdale vibe and be prepared to share tables, which is a welcoming change to some people (you never know who you will be meeting!). It is a pleasant change of pace and a place, where you can try new things!

9. Gallery Grill (website)

gallery GrillHow would you feel if you were served in a Harry Potter’s Hogwarts-like dining hall? Gallery Grill has taken a step forward and pioneers with an intimate setting that matches perfectly the heart-stopping neo-gothic building it is located in. The University of Toronto campus has a unique place, where you can taste sumptuous brunches and lunches, overlooking the Great Hall, served in classic university china. While being there, don’t forget to try the innovative cocktail list that is in effect from Wednesday to Friday, after 7 p.m!

10. Volos (website)

e21247Volos_DiningBackRoomBesides authentic Greek seafood cuisine, Volos is ideally suited for a romantic night dining experience, due to its incredibly tranquil atmosphere, with lots of candles and soothing colors used around the restaurant (for more incredibly romantic restaurants in Toronto, click here). However, this sleek restaurant, housed in the formerly home of Mediterra at the Bay St., is also excellent for business dinners. A quintessential Greek restaurant that will transport you to the Meditteranean, with its fresh and airy atmosphere, the sea-inspired décor, and Greek design elements, such as statues and ancient-style vases.


Top 10 restaurants in Toronto with the most Stupendous Views/Locations

Toronto is the city of endless options. No matter what you have a sudden “appetite” for, you will certainly find it there, from winter sports, fishing, and relaxing hikes to bike tours and music festivals. When it comes to dining though, Toronto holds the reigns with the best facilities where you not only satisfy your finest culinary quests at warm and inviting environments, but also enjoy a stunning view.

So, for your next dinner out, here are the top 10 restaurants we suggest that blend radiant sunsets, exquisite vistas, sailboats dotting the peaceful lake, or the twinkling lights of the busy city (or a combination of more than one!); everything that will make any meal feel beyond superb!

1. Pappas Grill (Website)

1. pappas grillLocated in the lovely Greektown center on the Danforth, Pappas Grill enchants with its beautiful award-winning décor and the relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere. You can taste inspired Mediterranean cuisine around a cozy, wood-burning fireplace or the garden patio (depending on the weather) and enjoy a wonderful view of the Danforth, at the same time, especially during The Taste of Danforth festival! As for the menu, there is a wide range of grilled foods, as well as brunch delicacies and lunch and dinner offerings, featuring pastas, sandwiches, and soups prepared with the freshest of ingredients; all at very competitive prices.

Location: 440 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

2. 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower (Website)

CN-Tower-Restaurants-360Toronto’s most famous landmark, the CN Tower, has a gem waiting to impress you with amazing views, an excellent wine collection (the highest wine cellar in the world), and inventive, seasonal menu (locally sourced). Dining is an unforgettable experience as you get to see the city from all the different angles existing from more than 350 meters above the ground, from this revolving restaurant. The menu has something for every taste, from seafood options to vegetarian dishes (both a la carte and Prix fine offerings).

And, when you say things can’t go better, you are offered an incredible bonus after purchasing your meal. Take the elevator and access the Glass Floor and LookOut levels of the CT Tower and feel your heart stopping after you gaze at the stunning city view. Perfect for a business lunch, romantic date, family outing, or anniversary dinner!

Location: 301 Front Street West, Toronto

3. Park Hyatt Roof Lounge (Website)

3. Park HyattThe fashionable Yorkville has a favorite go-to spot where all celebs rush to, organise their parties or relax by the fireplace and let their mind stray. The cosmopolitan Park Hyatt has dedicated its entire 18th floor to make dining an art, taking your entire experience to another level. Expect a mix of breath-taking panoramas of the Toronto skyline, a wide selection of the finest wines, cocktails, and Martinis, and warmly designed chic interiors which are more than enough to make you feel welcomed and valued. During the summer months, you can take your glass of fine wine onto the terrace and let your mind wander around the city, as it is seen from way up above.

Location: 4 Avenue Road

4. Luma (Website)

4. LumaIn a trendy atmosphere, where you can see the entire west-end entertainment district of Toronto, Luma boasts panoramic views of the trendiest area of Toronto. Although not as spectacular as the views from the Roof Lounge, Luma will show you the world from a different angle. Watch the passers-by on King Street while enjoying Winterlicious dishes and sandwiches and pleasing your taste buds with signature delicacies (e.g. truffle ravioli), cocktails, mouth-watering local cheeses, and desserts (the Luma Chocolate Bar is to die for). Ideal for business meals and special occasions.

Location: 350 King Street West

5. Canoe (Website)

7.canoeIt seems that Oliver & Bonacini have found the recipe for success. Their other child (besides Luma), Canoe, is a superb dining spot much-preferred by the local members of the elite and visitors from around the world. Conveniently located on the 54th floor of the famous TD Bank Tower, it provides unsurpassed panoramas of the downtown core of Toronto and its picturesque harbor. Expect to have your culinary instincts treated with extreme care when locally-themed dishes, such as the Montreal State Spiced Venison Loin and the Northern Woods Mushroom Soup, among others melt in your mouth creating a gustatory explosion. Combined with the marvellous scenery, your overall experience is worth to the last penny!

Location: 66 Wellington Street West

6. The One Eighty (Website)

6. the one eightySpeaking of restaurants in Toronto with the most stupendous views, the One Eighty could not have been omitted. Atop the 51st floor of the Manulife Centre in the sophisticated Bloor-Yorkville district, The One Eighty is home to 2 of the highest patios in Canada. Offering views of both the south and north of Toronto, dining in the open air is made a memorable experience. Unquestionably, the stunning backdrop improves any occasion, from midweek pints to special events, and the ambrosial menu combines seasonal mains and desserts, alongside tapas-style appetizers to please every taste. Don’t forget to check the extensive list of martinis, cocktails, beers, and wines. You won’t be disappointed!

Open: April-October

Location: 55 Bloor Street West

7. Against the Grain Urban Tavern- Corus Quay (Website)

7. againstSometimes, the simplest of things hold the essence of happiness. Against the Grain is within walking distance to downtown yet so amazingly close to the Sugar Beach. The convenient waterfront location is perfect for long hours of relaxing and enjoying the splendid view of the Toronto Island and Lake Ontario, during lazy summer days. As for the tastes you can treat yourself with, the Pulled Pork (braised in molasses and dark beer), the Maple Chipotle Wings, and the Stone Bakes Pizzas comprise a great way to get started. Soak up the summer sun while indulging in pub grub, sipping a pint, and watching the visual illusions created by the shimmering water.

Location: 25 Dockside Dr. Toronto, ON

8. Toulà Restaurant & Bar (Website)

8. toulaIf being close to the water rejuvenates you and makes dining a remarkable experience, the Westin Harbour Castle is the place you want to be. Sitting almost atop Lake Ontario, the 38th floor of the Castle will take you to Toulà, the place where Venetian-inspired cooking and amazing scenery combine and create a work of art. Whether your table faces the lake or downtown Toronto, you’ll get scenic views for sure!

Location: The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto.

9. Scaramouche (Website)

9.scaramoucheWho can beat the longevity of Scaramouche? If it has survived for more than 3 decades, then there is something definitely done oh-so-right there! Be it the chef’s inexhaustible desire for perfection, the incomparable view, the modern architecture, or the serenity infused in the room, Scaramouche is still leading the game. Try the filet mignon, coconut cream pie or the truffled gnocchi and complete with pecan bread next to a breath-taking sea-level view and marvel at Toronto’s shimmering lights for a one-of-a-kind dining experience!

Location: 1 Benvenuto Pl, Toronto.

10. Arriba Restaurant (Website)

10.arribaFrom its fantastic position in the Rogers Centre, Arriba promises a dining experience like never before. The particularity of this restaurant offering dynamic dining lies in its view. No, you won’t be seeing any Toronto skyline, the downtown area, the Toronto Island or any other of the great poles of attractions scattered all over Hogtown! On the contrary, expect to be seated and dine with an incredible vantage into the Blue Jays baseball stadium! Just ask for the window on the game meal and enjoy a baseball game!

Location: 1 Blue Jays Way, Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel, Toronto

Top 5 Restaurant Designs in Canada

The first thing that the catches the eye in a restaurant is its design; everything else seems to be secondary. The design of a restaurant either prompts a passer-by to enter or to shy away from it. When it comes to choosing a restaurant, we Canadians are choosy people. It takes something special to convince us, in which appearances play a key role.

The food of a restaurant plays a major role in making or breaking its reputation but design ensures patrons keep coming back. The ambiance could well be the difference between an enjoyable dining experience and a forgettable one. Let’s look at top five restaurant designs that are attracting diners for their visual appeal.


labattoirLocated in Vancouver, British Columbia the L’Abattoir is set in a renovated building made from bricks and beam. It has been designed by complementing industrial fixtures with classic French tile work. The elevated dining room, an atrium soaked in sunlight and lounge settings are key features of this extraordinaire restaurant.

2.    Chives Canadian Bistro

Chives-Canadian-BistroLocated in the historic downtown of Halifax, Nova Scotia the chives Canadian bistro has a chic interior. Chives is an urban café that combines banquet seating, chalkboard menus and painted walls with features that mimic traditional French bistros. The key elements of Canadian landscape like sand, rock, wood and water are captured within the design.

3.    Hawks Worth Restaurant

hawks-worth-restaurantOne of the finest restaurants in Canada, Hawks Worth is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Hawks Worth restaurant houses four distinct rooms. Elegant pearl banquets and a fine chandelier make up the pearl room. A custom installation by renowned artist Rodney graham is found in the art room while, 1920’s heritage, arc windows and modern technology make the York room inspirational.

4.    Pappas Grill Greek Restaurant

pappas-grill-greek-restaurantThis Greek restaurant in Toronto, Ontario has earned an award winning timeless design. Often ranked among the best Greek restaurants in Toronto, Pappas Grill provides you with a relaxed, simple, open veranda urban atmosphere. The design has been created by Hishberg Designs. Constructed around a wood burning fireplace in winters and lush garden outdoor space in summers, Pappas Grill provides you with a serene atmosphere you have been looking for to spice up your dining experience. It is ideal for romantic dates, hanging out with friends or going on business dinners and other group occasions.


raymondsSporting a heavy name and design, RAYMONDS is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. A prime example of classic Newfoundland and Labrador architecture, RAYMONDS was built in 1915 and overlooks St. John’s harbor. Key features of the design include the French roof and the dormer windows. The pediments over the windows add to its allure. The dining hall is spacious with a stunning view and the hanging chandeliers add to its design and aura.

The design of a restaurant is as important as the food while choosing a restaurant regardless whether it is a romantic date, a friends or family get together or an office luncheon. An eye catching ambiance or design coupled with great food can make your dining experience a memorable one. The above mentioned restaurants boast both and are thus worth a visit.

Unique Restaurants

Looking for a unique dining experience in Toronto that will be engraved in your memory forever? Great! We are here to help you find some of the most unique restaurants in Toronto as well as other places you may be visiting to find some great food and fun times.

Litsa please write the following articles, I have written one already.

Article 1: Top 5 or Top 10 Unique Restaurant Designs in Toronto. Pappas grill will be one. Rainforest Cafe will be another These restaurants do not have to be Greek, but include Pappas Grill and another Greek restaurant. They should all be European Cuisine Restaurants (so don’t include like Korean BBQ or Japanese restaurants) Pappas Grill won The timeless’ award winning design, created by the noted team at Hirshberg Designs, encompasses an open veranda cosmopolitan atmosphere. But please rephrase this as it is on the home page of Pappas Grill. And include 1 or 2 photos of the designs for each restaurant you choose. Try select something different for each restaurant. So if one has a spectacular view of the cn tower, do not include another one with a similar view.

Article 2: Top 5 or  Top 7 or Top 10 etc… Greektowns Around the World” The first one will be Greektown in Toronto. Then chose the others. They should be chosen based on size, Greek Population and the great things to do in them. Specify what there is to do in each Greektown and name a few places to visit that are interesting. Like Pappas Grill in Toronto’s Greektown and Taste of the Danforth. I already finished one article below.

Top 10 Restaurants in Toronto with a Unique View

Top 5 Restaurant Designs in Canada