Top 5 Restaurant Designs in Canada

The first thing that the catches the eye in a restaurant is its design; everything else seems to be secondary. The design of a restaurant either prompts a passer-by to enter or to shy away from it. When it comes to choosing a restaurant, we Canadians are choosy people. It takes something special to convince us, in which appearances play a key role.

The food of a restaurant plays a major role in making or breaking its reputation but design ensures patrons keep coming back. The ambiance could well be the difference between an enjoyable dining experience and a forgettable one. Let’s look at top five restaurant designs that are attracting diners for their visual appeal.


labattoirLocated in Vancouver, British Columbia the L’Abattoir is set in a renovated building made from bricks and beam. It has been designed by complementing industrial fixtures with classic French tile work. The elevated dining room, an atrium soaked in sunlight and lounge settings are key features of this extraordinaire restaurant.

2.    Chives Canadian Bistro

Chives-Canadian-BistroLocated in the historic downtown of Halifax, Nova Scotia the chives Canadian bistro has a chic interior. Chives is an urban café that combines banquet seating, chalkboard menus and painted walls with features that mimic traditional French bistros. The key elements of Canadian landscape like sand, rock, wood and water are captured within the design.

3.    Hawks Worth Restaurant

hawks-worth-restaurantOne of the finest restaurants in Canada, Hawks Worth is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Hawks Worth restaurant houses four distinct rooms. Elegant pearl banquets and a fine chandelier make up the pearl room. A custom installation by renowned artist Rodney graham is found in the art room while, 1920’s heritage, arc windows and modern technology make the York room inspirational.

4.    Pappas Grill Greek Restaurant

pappas-grill-greek-restaurantThis Greek restaurant in Toronto, Ontario has earned an award winning timeless design. Often ranked among the best Greek restaurants in Toronto, Pappas Grill provides you with a relaxed, simple, open veranda urban atmosphere. The design has been created by Hishberg Designs. Constructed around a wood burning fireplace in winters and lush garden outdoor space in summers, Pappas Grill provides you with a serene atmosphere you have been looking for to spice up your dining experience. It is ideal for romantic dates, hanging out with friends or going on business dinners and other group occasions.


raymondsSporting a heavy name and design, RAYMONDS is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. A prime example of classic Newfoundland and Labrador architecture, RAYMONDS was built in 1915 and overlooks St. John’s harbor. Key features of the design include the French roof and the dormer windows. The pediments over the windows add to its allure. The dining hall is spacious with a stunning view and the hanging chandeliers add to its design and aura.

The design of a restaurant is as important as the food while choosing a restaurant regardless whether it is a romantic date, a friends or family get together or an office luncheon. An eye catching ambiance or design coupled with great food can make your dining experience a memorable one. The above mentioned restaurants boast both and are thus worth a visit.